Keyboard Building OLD

If you wish to commission a keyboard from me, please contact me! Let me know what you are interested in and I will give you options on what I can build for you. To get a rough estimate for pricing, simply look at the tables below.

Please keep in mind that I do not keep any products in stock, and thus I will be ordering all the parts for the build. If you wish to source the parts yourself and have me assemble it, just let me know in the email.

Keyboard Building Fees

Base Fee50 USD
Soldering (40% – 65%)20 USD
Soldering (<65%)30 USD
Soldering (Through Hole LED)20 USD
Desoldering (40% – 65%)30 USD
Desoldering (<65%)40 USD
Desoldering (Through Hole LED)50 USD
Switch Lubing5 USD / 10 Switches
Switch Filming5 USD / 10 Switches
Switch Lubing & Filming7 USD / 10 Switches
Standard Fees


When I am sourcing parts for a build for you, I need to cover the shipping costs from the parts sources. I will do my absolute best to minimize shipping as much as possible.

KBDFans Shipping35 USD
NovelKeys Shipping40 USD
KPRepublic Shipping25 USD
Duties and Taxes+15% to Product Cost
Shipping to YouDepends on Location
Shipping Fees

Custom Cables

A custom USB cable is the perfect way to round out a beautiful build. Each cable starts at 3 feet, and if you want coils in your cable, remember that 1 foot of cable is required for 1 inch of coils.

Base Fee (3ft)30 USD
Extra Length (15 ft max)2 USD / foot
Mini USB, Micro USB1 USD
Aviator Connection Cable10 USD
YC8 Connection Cable18 USD
Custom Cable Costs

Sample Build

My most common request is a 60% Tofu keyboard from KBDFans. To help you understand how the costs are calculated, here is a full breakdown of the cost of a fully kitted Tofu.

Frosted Acrylic Tofu88 USD
DZ60 Rev 338 USD
DZ60 Case Foam10 USD
DZ60 PCB Foam10 USD
Cherry Screw in Stabilizers12 USD
USB-C Cable5 USD
Gateron Ink Black V2 Switches53 USD
Generic EPBT Doubleshot Keycaps69 USD
Parts Total285 USD
KBDFans Shipping35 USD
Duties (15% of 285 USD)43 USD
Shipping Total78 USD
Base Fee50 USD
Soldering (60%)20 USD
Switch Lubing and Filming (70 Switches)49 USD
Building Fees Total119 USD
Total Cost482 USD